My website is an unwieldy beast, but that's poetry for you. The stuff gathers like moths to a light, or a similar analogy, perhaps a little more in keeping with the word related theme. Words to a dictionary or something like that. Either way, there's a lot of the stuff and it's difficult to dig through. As a result I've started scooping together what I consider some of the better poems from each month and dumping them into what can only be described as 'collections'. I feel like I probably wrote this all before in an introduction to one of the selected works, so find that one and I'll cut this short.

2019 Collected Editions:

The January Batch features poems about the Lake District, Uri Geller, knights in combat, Jesus, Spider-Man, and so on and so forth. It's a solid offering all things considered, and it means you don't have to shuffle through the early work yourself.

More religious poetry is found here, a bit of travel too, more comic book heroes, and sports. That's not all though, there's also my very first (and possibly only - I can't remember) haiku, thoughts on breakfast in bed, and tales of love.

In March we head to the caves of, well, somewhere where you might expect tourists to be. I recount the tale of my journey with Darius, and recite some poetry along the way. Powerful Feminist poetry and mystery contained within.

I just realised the April collection has a summary in the first paragraph very much like the ones I'm writing here, which is really messing up my groove. I'll do it again anyway. Poems about cycling, even more superheroes - Batman this time, pens, and pumping. It's everything you could ever want from poetry in April.

The story of my potential friendship with Mary Berry. Plus some stuff about moths, the unveiling of my original poetry format, weight, gardening, and more! I mention that you can buy books from Amazon too, you shouldn't thought.

Within you’ll find poems about belief, sleeping, charity, pollution, clowns, and even birds. Plus more! There’s little else someone could desire from a collection of poetry. Except maybe some consistency, but that would mean admitting you're boring.

It's time for Wimbledon, prepare for tennis themed poems with appearances from Sue Barker and Tim Henman. If that's not enough to entice you, then why not skip over those ones and read about Robin Hood, fans, exercise, pigs, and sunglasses instead? It must have been a hot July.

We're going all in on the August 2019 poetry collection. All. In. It's majestic is what it is. A dozen beautiful poems surrounded by beautiful insights. August is now such a part of my life I can’t even recall a time before August. I’m in deep. Join me in the deep end. Appearances from magicians, jockeys, devils, birds, and indeed Santa, to name but a few.

Bruce Grobbelaar and additional moustache poetry. Not to mention the space travel with Buzz, and other thoughts and things like that. Read it all, it's some of the best poetry ever. Like all of the other monthly collections, really.

It's Halloween. I poet accordingly. But if for some reason you don't want your October collection to feature Halloween poems, fear not! Other things are in there too. Poems about as love, as per, and poems about drumming, which is slightly less usual.

Additional Content:

I went to Highbury Fields. I sat, waited, and wrote some things you might find entertaining.

This is a brief look into the life of a man named Albert. It doesn’t feature any poetry, which some people might consider a plus.