Hello! I'm a poet, and so on. You'll find my writing sloshed across these pages, and with that you probably could have worked out the fact that I'm a poet for yourself. A little sleuthing, a little deduction, that sort of thing would get you there. If you didn't work it out before reading this page, then I believe you would have made it eventually, even without my help. You know what that means? You're great! You get an A+. Well done.

Here are some questions I'm using to help fill out this page. I hope you like them, I suppose I could add more in the future if need be, or whatever that phrase is.

1. Who are you and what do you do?
I'm a poet and I write poetry. Thanks for asking.

2. What inspired you to be a poet?
I have an astoundingly short attention span. Instead of working on that and continuing to write longer books, I cut the stories down to a few sentences and, well, bam, there's a poem. If you remove enough sentences you can make anything a poem really. Thanks for asking.

3. I want to take up poetry, how do I go about it?
You need a tool to write with, and possibly, if you're a bit of a perfectionist like me, a place to force yourself to share them. Poetry is actually incredibly simple, you don't need to use many words, and the words you do use don't even have to rhyme. Rhyming does make things easier though, one word begets another in those situations, and people tend to think you're a bit more clever if you tie things together with a rhyme. Thanks for asking.

4. What do you do for fun?
I write poems. I've given reading a whirl too. I bought a dictionary once as that has all the words in, which surely must make it the best book. Each word comes with its own little description too, and if you don't know what one of the words in the description means you can fish out yet another word. It's an endless chain, you can spend hours buried in a dictionary. Oxford. English. Thanks for asking.

5. Have you travelled?
Yes. By leg, bicycle, car, van, truck/lorry, boat, hovercraft, train, and plane. I'm going to stop listing methods of travel I've used now, as I realise there's quite a lot, including a skateboard. Horse. Thanks for asking.

6. Writing so many poems without taking a break is simply astounding. Where do you get your ideas from? How do you do it!?
I see you spotted I wrote 900ish poems in 900ish days. My ideas come from many sources. For example, I once wrote a poem about a fan blowing on someone when I had a fan blowing on me. I named the fan Mildred, which gave it a little spice. Other sources for inspiration tend to be the news, or just sitting around and thinking. You might also try watching things or playing video games. Thanks for asking.

7. Have you ever worn jeans?
Yes, I have. Denim is the working person's textile, and I'm a working person. A poet, in fact. Poetry's pretty extreme, the protection offered by denim is very much appreciated. Thanks for asking.

8. I can never think of anything to write about, how do you solve writer's block?
Panic and deadlines. Always give yourself a deadline. Mine is 12pm, which is when a new poem goes up. If all else fails, write about having nothing to write about. It's the lowest of the low, but at least it's something. Thanks for asking.

9. Do you own any smart bulbs?
I own one smart bulb. I bought it because the light emitted from my old bulbs was a horrendous orange colour and I couldn't be bothered to go to the shop and demo different colour temperatures in person. It was cheaper to buy a single smart bulb than buy a big pack of regular dumb bulbs. I used it for testing colour temperatures in the comfort of my own home and bulk ordered accordingly. After that I mostly used it to show people I can turn my white bulb red if I want to. Thanks for asking.

That brings an end to my Q&A session. Thanks for coming.