"I don't like you using that word" said Geoff.
"Which word is that then?" said David.
"You know which word it is mate" said Geoff "you just said it."
"Don't think I do, mate" said David.
"You know, the N one, the bad one people don't like" said Geoff.
The exchange continued.
David got more and more frustrated.
"There are lots of words beginning with N man! Just spit it out!" said David.
"You know the word, Dave" said Geoff.
"I can't help these words being part of my vocabulary, J. E. F. F." David purposefully misspelt Geoff's name out loud.
He felt as though he was winning the argument, his voice was getting louder.
"Well how did it get there then?" said Geoff.
David stormed off, shouting out the wrong letters to Geoff's name.