The government came up with a new scheme for Valentine's day.
They would issue one lucky couple with clear balls to meet up and roll around in.
Everyone tuned into the BBC for the big reveal.
The lucky couple couldn't believe it!
They plugged in Zoom, planned the big day, and waited for the military to fly in the meet up spheres.
Ben wore his cravat to mark the occasion.
Daisy mounted a beret upon her head.
They both wore shoes with good traction to help with rolling, as per gov recs.
Suddenly the balls thunked against the ground outside their front doors.
Ben and Daisy were blasted with disinfectant as they clambered into the orbs.
Both set off at the same time, rolling to their arranged meeting point in Stratford.
News networks filmed it and people cried and cheered.
Some were enraged by the display, of course.
They pelted the orbs with eggs as they rattled by their windows.
The military's helicopters had water jets on them to deal with that sort of thing.
Daisy spotted Ben approaching and gathered some speed.
She tripped attempting to mount a kerb and Ben laughed at her, but she let that go.
It was just like real life all over again.
Their balls clacked together and they kissed through the Perspex.