Spider-Man crawled into Cumslap's ear.
Cumslap began pointing at everything.
Then Spider-Man swung over to another guy and crawled into that one's head too.
Fingers flashed before his gormless expression.
This whole ordeal continued through several people.
Spider-Man was waxier than ever.
He was hating the job, to be fair to him.
Eventually everyone was pointing at everyone else.
A whole room of scumbags, fingers transfixed upon one another.
They were, it came as a shock to no one, all liars.

If you asked me what this was a reference to, I'd say 'what's a reference? Leave me alone!' and then direct you towards another poem I've written, this one, which I'm also a big fan of. I do love a good bit of pointing though. I could point at the screen I'm typing on right now just to prove it, but you wouldn't be able to see that.