Buying New Boots

A man who bought two pairs of boots couldn’t decide which he liked more. It was a quandary he solved by wearing a different boot on each foot, which had the unfortunate effect of appearing to give him a limp as he went about his day. Eventually he came across another man with a real limp who took issue with the fake limp. The man complained, noticing the guy’s two different boots, and told him the act just wasn’t on. This went on for quite some time and an old lady overheard the argument. She decided to stick her nose in too, but failed to notice the original man’s mismatched boots. She argued that more than one person can have a limp and began clubbing the guy with the real limp with her handbag. Despite multiple requests from him, she refused to look down throughout this act. The man then limped off angrily, and the old woman left disgusted, and the guy with the boots didn’t know what to do anymore.