The Man Who Worked in a Bank

On the 12,126th day of his life, Samuel was all out of ideas. He sat spread across a couch bored out of his skull, rattling through a catalogue of plans to entertain himself, until he finally decided upon working in a bank. The problem with that was, as someone who had never spent a day of his life working in a bank, he was incredibly poorly qualified for any form of role there. With that in mind he bought a scary mask and turned up to rob the place instead. It went fairly well, he got to work in the bank, as desired, and they paid him handsomely in return.

For the next few weeks Samuel lived rather lavishly, albeit slightly on edge. Despite his trips on yachts and things of that nature he struggled to relax. He continued on though, munching on expensive sandwiches, drinking expensive water, he even went skiing. He was bad at skiing, he didn’t even enjoy slides as a youth, which is a bit like skiing with bumpers, and without all of the extra equipment required, so he has no idea what he was thinking when he took up that offer. Anyway, he did the skiing and he hated it.

It was on his return from the skiing trip that Samuel was traced and arrested. Samuel was a bit upset about how that all came about. Of course it was going to happen eventually, but why did it have to be after such a disappointing experience? There was a trial and all of the usual administrative rubbish you have to go through when it comes to being put in prison, but that’s where he ended up. Sure, the prison wasn’t great, it didn’t match the brief lavish lifestyle he’d had after robbing the bank, but it was at least a new place to explore, so he settled in and got on with living his life.