Meal Deal

I went to Sainsbury's or Tesco or Marks and Spencer,
Or something like that for a meal deal.
Possibly Lidl if they do them there.
Anyway, once inside of those supermarkets I inspected the offerings.
They didn't have ham and cheese.
I only like ham and cheese.
I settled for less to stave starvation.
Selected my crisps and drink,
Apple juice, if that's an option.
I paid,
Departed with my meal deal,
Travelled on my wheel(s),
To eat my sandwich,
On a bench in Greenwich.

It occurred to me that I haven't covered 'meal deals' in my poems. Or I have and I forgot. Either way, this is prime material. I've seen people do a lot with these things, the very mention of a meal deal is a real crowd pleaser. This is poetry.