People were queuing.
If they weren't queuing they were complaining.
Ultimately the Queen was doing her usual,
Keeping the nation happy.
King Prince Charles snarled,
Even dead she'd find ways to ruin things for him.

Yes, that's three poems in a row about a queue. It's not my fault really, I've been keeping track of the news in the UK and nothing else has happened anywhere. Everyone's just travelled to London and started queuing. It's insanity, really. You'd think they would queue for something better, like Shrek's Adventure or something. Admittedly, I haven't been to Shrek's Adventure myself, and I imagine it's not very good, but then I don't think there's much to see of the Queen either, what with her being in a box and all. I was in a queue not so long ago, if you're interested. It was for some chicken and rice. The sun was very hot and eventually I abandoned those I was with to go and stand in the shade. They returned with food, it all worked out. Additional observations on the subject could be made.